Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Personal Pot Game - Hole-man challenges Lou V Again

Hole-Man shoots nothing, 300, nothing, 279 to tie Lou V.

I thought I was a psycho until I met Hole-Man. Not a bad guy, mostly, but one of the most erratic pot game bowlers I have ever seen.

Last night, he challenged the former 1973 Junior College Champion to a match...once again giving 30 pins...I shot well during league and said sure...bring it on.

Game one - Lou Wins...Hole-Man needs a double in the 10th...gets the first one then leaves a soft 10

Game 2 - Hole-Man xxx xxx xxx xxx 300!!!
Lou V. - Doesn't matter

Game 3 Lou V - pounds the piss out of Hole-man (sort of) and wins

Game 4 - Hole-Man xx9/ xxx xxx xxx 279
Lou V. less than 249

I then put my shoes on and Hole-man says "where are you going"? What a douche bag...he just shot 300 and 279 and he thinks I am staying? Experience tells you when it is time to go...it is time to go and it was time to go...

Nice bowling you big douche...

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