Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday Re-Cap - What a joke!!!

They asked for a harder shot - and they got one...

Monday night was a joke. Either the lane oiling machine broke or they played a cruel joke on everyone as the scores were ridiculous.

I shot 112, with 5 splits, 132 with 4 splits and 158 - for a 402 series. 665 last week and 402 this week that is 243 pins less...

The pot scores were equally low...

Handicap King of the Hill
Game 1 193
Game 2 196

Scratch King of the Hill
Game 1 168
Game 2 148

Yes, 148...
I left early so I don't know what the final scores were but it doesn't matter...that really was a true monkey spanking of the entire league...

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