Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday Night Re-cap

The Monday league is very different than Wednesday with better bowlers, tougher shot and definitely more beer consumption.

What I don't understand is this ever repeating quest by people on Monday to bowl against Lou V in pot games. I realize there is a price to pay for being so popular but it is amazing to see how many people want my money.

Yesterday, Jenital, fueled by Coors Light...challenged me to a $100 per game and $100 for series match. Now being the nice guy that I am and the fact that I left the "grease-ball wad" at home, I declined his offer which was continuously repeated along with the normal barrage of ball busting insults that were spewed at me when I said no.

And Matt T als0 tried to broker a deal with me bowling against Curt B. who I had to give 18 pins to. Now remember one thing, the 1973 NJCAA Champion does not give pins. I wouldn't give my Grandmother pins and she is 96.

And that brings me to the conclusion of this story...Jenital continued to try a broker a match and told Hole-Man to bowl against me with 20 pins...now last year you may recall that Hole-Man gave me 40 pins per game...so I would not settle for anything less than 30.

Back and forth, back and forth finally Hole-Man gives in...lace them up.

Game 1 Lou 205 Hole-Man 195 scratch
Game 2 Hole-Man 279 Lou 1xx
Game 3 Hole-Man 247 (with an open) Lou - doesn't matter

Now Hole-Man was cool, bowled great and DID NOT bust my balls...thus I will congratulate him because after the first game...he changed balls and shot really, really great...every ball up the arse.

That was an old fashioned, take me out to the barn Monkey Spanking....I accept it with graciously.

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  1. Hope Hole-Man brings some of that on Friday to MT. Prospect.


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