Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lou's Leisure Suits shoots 3594...wins one game

Major Pimp Slapping Monday by Bowlers ER as Ryan B shoots 300 the first game...!!!

In what was a pure and simple ass kicking the Bowlers ER, led by the resurgent Will Clark and company pounded the wee wee out of Lou and sent him and his Leisure Suits to the "bowlers" ER.

The Leisure Suits shot very well (3594) but it didn't matter...check out these scores they shot against us.

Game 1 - 1239 Scratch - 1342 With Cap - Ryan B 300!!
Game 2 - 1120 Scratch - 1223 With Cap - Will 278
Game 3 - 1120 Scratch - 1223 with Cap - Frankie B 277

Here are there series Scratch:

Will 752
Ryan B 736
Frankie 674
Melvin 565 (the mailman failed to deliver)
Max 706

Great shooting by a bunch of nice guys and very good sports...congrats to Ryan B on his 300...that guy is a robot on the lanes...every shot identical...he pounds the hole on the 10th and 11th frame and then throws the 12th shot...turns his back (he thinks he pulled the ball) doesn't see the shot...high flush, up the arse strike...300...kind of like when Reinfart stomps his foot and yells and hits high flush...

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  1. The mailman never fails to deliver, I've seen the pictures on the phone!!!!!!!!!!!
    Frankie B


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