Thursday, September 6, 2007

Its Fritz!!! Qualifies for his first BBT and Wins

Fritz denies Wazy a repeat - Strikes out in the 10th to win by 3 pins!!!

Fritz and I go way back...yes he is only 2x years old but I used to beat the crap out of him at 10 years ago at Forest View lanes, where quite frankly, he blew. Now he is much better and he finally qualified for and WON his first BBT Wednesday.

Fritz chronically complains about the format and the payout saying "this is gay" yeah and your not? So I told him yesterday...we are not here to beat each others brains is for fun and bragging rights among friends...if you don't like it...don't bowl you big douche...with that aside here are the details:


Fritz finally shot good, pounding a very sold 262 the last do you shoot 262? What a douche. Wazy started with a 245 and struggled in the last game but struck out in the 9th and first one in the 10th to make the cut. Former 1973 Champion Lou, started really bad, dug deep into his knowledge base and made a critical adjustment and finished the first game strong and them pounded 237 the second to qualify 3rd. The final spot was up for grabs...but Tittie, kept his cool and shot 224 to make the last spot.

Tough break for PJ and Andy, Grandpa D should have left early, Rob F never got star
ted and House Phenom Reinfart and 4 time Champ Chalupa rounded out the bottom. (should have brought a few bean burrittos from work before you bowled)...

2 Total
1 Fritz
7 212 219
262 488
2 Wazy 11 245 256
214 481
3 Lou 23 188 211
237 471
4 Tittie
9 225 234
224 467

Did Not Qualify

T5 PJ 52 186 238
159 449
T5 Andy 5 205 210
234 449
7 Grandpa D
17 194 211
201 429
8 Rob F. 40 167 207
173 420
9 Reinfart 0 180 180
236 416
10 Chalupa 7 187 194
186 387

Semi-finals - There is a lot of luck in bowling and Fritz definitely got a break in the first semi-final game as he shot only 191/198 but Tittie, who has not made a cut in a long time...gagged in late frames and shot a whopping 167/176...was it nerves? In experience or does he just suck?

Speaking of sucking...Wazy opened the first 2 frames and Lou started with a strike. Now in pot game bowling...when you opponent is time to pounce. The only thing Lou pounced on was his "johnson" stroking real good by opening in the 2nd instead of putting Wazy on the mat. In typical Wazy style...boom, booom, booooom...six bagger Lou sent packing to the losers match against Tittie.


1 Fritz 7 191 198
4 Tittie 9 167 176

2 Wazy 11 224 235
3 Lou 23 170 193

Consolidation Match - Tittie and Lou - What a classic.. Tittie starts with a three bagger and Lou has an open ... not good...but the 1973 NJCAA champion reached down into his bag of experience and pulled out a strike in the 8th and 9th...Tittie gave him an opening and all he had to do was double in the tenth to pound him silly...a little light...bucket...miss...I blow...Tittie wins...It sucked.

3 Lou 23 173 196
4 Tittie
9 211 220

Championship Match - This was a good one...Fritz and Wazy were close the entire strikes and spares...the game can go any way and Wazy could have shut out Fritz by doubling in the 10th...

Wazy Strikes on the first shot and then leaves an 8-10...ouch...picks up one and forces Fritz to double and 8 to beat him.

Fritz steps up...bang, bang, bang...wins 244-241...great match and our congrats to Fritz and last weeks champion Wazy for his runner-up finish this week.

1 Fritz 7 237 244
2 Wazy 11 230 241

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