Thursday, September 27, 2007

Commentary from the 1973 NJCAA Champion

Commentary from Me:

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for making the BBT the success that it is rapidly becoming.

We are having a blast on Wednesday night with excellent competition, great camaraderie, great bowling and a ton of fun.

Thanks to Reinfart for his most excellent record keeping; it is great. Thanks to me for being me and keeping the blog alive and I think fun to read, thanks to all of the guy who are bowling each week. I realize that it is late but when you are in your 20's who can go on a few hours of sleep....what would you rather a BBT tournament or sleep...easy choice. And finally we are getting a pretty good spectator base...(when the guys get kicked out of the bar, they come to watch). So I have to say...long live the BBT.

Now for some analysis...

1. Reinfart - 6 bbt's 222.32, 14 points, 3 cuts, 1 3rd and 2 4th's. Assessment - C
2. Wazy - 6 bbt's 214.17, 33 points, 4 cuts, 2 1st, 1 snd, 1 4th, 6 BBT's. Assessment A
3. Fritz - 5 bbt's 212.14, 17 points, 3 cuts, 1 1st, Assessment c+ (but man does he complain, he may not realize it but most of the time he is just like an old bitch in menopause who is having a hot-flash)
4. Andy D - 4 bbt's 210.40, 1 cut, 1 3rd, Assessment D (lots of bad breaks though)
5. Chalupa - 5 bbt's 209.31, 3 cuts, 1 1st, 2 4th - Assessment B- (had one monster week, not much else)
6. Tittie - 6 bbt's 205.33, 1 cut, 1 3rd - Assessment F+ (can't carry, gets mad, goes home)
7. Grandpa D - 4 bbt's 196.45, 1 cut, 1 1st. Assessment B- (has the Ritti disease, can't carry)
8. Lou V - 6 bbt's 193.74, 3 cuts, 2 3rd, 1 4th Assessment D (maybe last week was a turning point)
9. Rob F - 4 bbt's, 189.43, 3 cuts, 1 1st, 2 2nd Assessment A - (all I can say is who would have thunk?)
10 Rob D - 5 bbt's 189.24, 3 cuts, 1 2nd, Assessment c+ (waiting...?)
11 PJ - 4 bbt's, 170.67, 2 cuts, 1 2nd, 1 3rd Assessment B (make spares and you win...)

We have had a lot of close matches, 2 ties, and some really good finals. Here's hoping that we have many more great weeks ahead of us.

Thanks again for bowling and maybe Tittie, PJ, Rob D, Reinfart or Lou will win next week...!!

Lou V.

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