Friday, September 14, 2007

Chicken Choker Poll is closed...this poll Sucks....

Lou V "Wins" the Chicken Choker Poll

The public has spoken...even though they are idiots...and the Chicken Choker, (who is the worst clutch bowler) poll is history.

Lou V, former 1973 NJCAA National Champion, who is known for his clutch ability (in his own mind) is the overwhelming loser with 50% of the votes. Reinfart, who can shoot telephone numbers in the first 9 frames came in second with 27% of the vote, Rob F and Chalupa, tied for 3rd with 22%, and Teammates Grandpa D, Tittie, Rob D and PJ came in 4th with 16%. Tying for the least gagger was Wazy, Andy D, Sip and Mike K with only 11%.

In my opinion this poll was flawed but in a democracy, I accept the "win" and will try to prove each and every one who voted for me wrong. So remember, when I need a strike or mark to beat you in match are gonna' choke on THIS...

Here are the standings:

Name Votes %%%
Lou 9 50%
Reinfart 5 27%
Rob F 4 22%
Chalupa 4 22%
Tittie 3 16%
Wazy 2 16%
Rob D 3 16%
PJ 3 16%
Grandpa D 3 16%
Andy D 2 11%
Sip 2 11%
Mike K 2 11%

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  1. Please note, Wazy gets 2 votes, but 16% of the total vote, must be some heavy votes...


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