Tuesday, September 11, 2007

BBT Continues Wednesday - 4th stop on the Blog Bowling Tour

Can Chalupa get off his doupa and win again?

It is week # 4 for the BBT and the interest in the tournament is spreading. Bowlers from Monday night are asking about it...

Wazy leads the point race with 18, Fritz and Grandpa D are 2nd with 11, Lou is 4th with 9 and 5-9th are all really close.

Can Chalupa get off his doupa and win again? Can Lou finally reach into the time machine and bowl like it was 1973? Can Tittie carry some hits and finally win? Can PJ finally break out with 4 good games and win? Was Fritz a one hit wonder? Can Wazy continue his point lead? Reinfarts averaging 225...he has to win sometime. Did Rob D's wife leave town and will he be able to bowl? Can Rob F put together enough strikes to win? Can Grandpa D stay up late enough to win again? Will someone from Monday win? Uhmmmm?

The year end tournament of champions is months away but only the top xx amount of bowlers will be invited to shoot in this exclusive event. So you need to bowl to get points...

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