Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Action Continues Wednesday

Hey Daniella when are you going to bowl in the BBT...afraid of the boys?

Looks like some of the pots will begin either tonight or for sure next week. We could use some more action...needlesstosay.

The LouDoo BBT tour also continues with week 5's fun on the lanes. Is it time for Lou V to finally win? Can Tittie break out of his year long slump? Is Andy ready for Prime Time and not just be a brides maid? Where's Reinfart...can he ever win again? Chalupa...who? Can hard luck PJ pick up his spares and win? Can Grandpa D stay up late enough? What about Rob his wife in town or will he bowl tonight...can Nick K scrape up the dough to enter? Where is Alfred E. Neuman...he isn't away at school...get your ass in the action you big douche...and what about Team USA aspirant Danella...why don't you bowl? Afraid of the men?


  1. I will bowl.. give me a little while.. practice is more important right now... I have not been throwing the ball very well and last night I had a break through..... But they better watch out because I will run everyone over... that is when I feel able to compete and the time is not right.

  2. We anxiously await your arrival. We need a woman champion to comply with EEOC requirements. Seriously, bring it on when you are ready.


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