Monday, September 10, 2007

4 days left in the Chicken Choker Poll

Lots of Controversy on the Chicken Choker Poll

Who is the biggest gagger...well of course I have an opinion but I wanted to put it out for a Poll.

The results so far are interesting:

Reinfart 5 votes - Leading the pack ...225+ average and leading??
Lou, Chalupa, Grandpa D, Tittie are tied with 3 (I agree with 3 of the four)
Wazy, Andy D, Sip and PJ at 2 - (why Sip)?
Rob D and Rob F at 1 - (?)

1. First of can Sip get 2 votes...I don't know if I ever saw him throw a really bad shot when he needed it...and his comment is valid..." Winning 4 titles during the summer got me 2 votes for worst clutch bowler?" So whoever voted for him, change your vote.

2. What about Chalupa...? Granted he is bowling much better in the clutch...but he is no Pete Weber...when he needs the shot...

3. Lou V should not have 3 votes...he may not be the best anymore...but when he needs a least he hits the pocket unlike the other 3 that are tied with him...

So examine your conscience and revise your votes if necessary and let see who is the true CHICKEN CHOKER...

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  1. The chicken choker poll is all f'd up. It says 10 votes so far, I counted 31. Not to mention who would vote for Sip but how about PJ
    as well. Grandpa D and Lou should be running away with this title. I would also like to have a write in candidate named Chris H.


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