Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wow!!! What a finish...256 to 256 Tie - Chalupa Wins Rolloff and his 4th Title!!!

2007 Super Mini-Eliminator
is History

After 4 games of qualifying, 3 semi final games of random match play, seventeen bowlers was scaled down to 4 for the stepladder finals.

And a great finals it was.

Once again Chalupa snuck into the last semi final qualifying spot after leading qualifying. In match 1 he bowled against Andy (sure looks like Eddie Munster with that V-hairline).

Match 1 -

Andy got off to a fast start and Chalupa was on the ropes...but, Chalupa, who is really bowling much, much better, strung strikes in the late frames and needed a strike on the first ball to close out Andy. The old Chalupa took over and he pulled the shot leaving a 6-10 which he converted and then struck.

Andy needed a double to beat Chalupa and blew the rack on a great shot and left a 7 pin. Chalupa won 233-230. That Andy is gooooooood in the clutch...

Match 2 -

Jeff Meyer who shot great then lousy and then great in the semi's, qualified 3rd and had to face Chalupa. Jeff had a rough start and never recovered and Chalupa, slapped him up-side the face with a few bean burritos and that was that...Chalupa 234 - Jeff 208

Championship Match - This was a classic

The finals were real fitting...Reinfarts last dance facing his arch enemy (on the lanes) Chalupa. Now Reinfart has had a tough summer in the Mini-E winning only once but he shot very well tonight qualifying 2nd with a 944 to Chalupa's 958 and leading the semi's by 20 pins.

So enough suspense...

Reinfart starts with the first 7 Chalupa ploping pinto beans into his pants...??? No...he hangs in there and doesn't panic. (of course the crowd thinks this is way over)

Reinfart ends the string at 7 and goes spare, spare.

Chalupa then starts to strike in the 7th and smokes the rack each shot and strikes out...very, very cool under pressure..unlike the 10th first game...(but he did rally mid-game to beat Andy)

Reinfart, who strikes every single time when he needs it against me, needs a 9 pin count to win or any mark and count to seal the victory.

He steps up, throws the shot......and he leaves a 4-6...after the crowd got off the floor...we realized that he needs one pin to TIE!! He calmly makes the 4 pin and we have a roll-off!

Chalupa is first, blasts the hole, Reinfart gets his specialty, a mixer...Chalupa blasts the hole again, Reinfart is light...rolls a 2 pin for a strike...Chalupa pounds the hole again...and Reinfart steps up...sets his shot...yanks his crank and leaves a 3-6-10, Chalupa Wins...

All I can say is WOW...what a way to end a great, entertaining summer where we made lots of new friends and had a true blast each and every week.

We will miss Reinfart personally but can't wait for him to leave so we can win more pots...

Reinfart congratulates Chalupa after their Epic Battle

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