Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Wizzard of Waz - Wazy wins BBT

It was a long, late night...but the wait was worth it as Wazy, captured his first BBT title and his 3rd win overall defeating first time bowler Rob F in the final match Wednesday.

Qualifying started at nearly midnight...and some of us were a bit tired...but we were all in the same boat. Rob F, house phenom Reinfart, Wazy (who was not in tip top shape) and soon to be house phenom Andy D made the cut with ease...Rob D (Uncle fester) missed the cut by 26 pins, the largest miss in recent memory. Tittie could not carry anything, Lou shot 60 pins lower the second game to miss the cut by a bunch and Brian, hasn't made a cut yet...he blows...

The matches were about as exciting as listening to a monologue by our favorite talker (no names please) and featured Rob F crushing Andy who left (2) 2-8-10's with the 2 pin dropping at the last minute on the left lane and couldn't carry anything on the right, Wazy spanked Reinfart 241 212 with a barrage of game ending strikes.

In the consolation match, finally some action with Andy sending Reinfart home a loser 258 to 245...(somebody had to lose) and in the Championship match...the game was decent...Rob F was spanking Wazy early in the match, but Wazy ended with 6 strikes forcing Rob to strike out to win, but he came up a bit short.

Here are the scores:





Sub T

1 Rob F 231 234 465
2 Reinfart 216 247 463
3 Wazy 246 214 460
4 Andy D 216 230 446

Did Not Qualify

5 Rob D 227 193 420
6 Tittie 217 201 418
7 Chalupa 206 203 409
8 Lou 233 174 407
9 Brian F 193 172 365

Match Games


1 Versus 4

1 Andy 172

4 Rob F 232

2 Versus 3

2 Reinfart 212

3 Waz 241

Losers Match

1 Andy 258

2 Reinfart 245


3 Rob F 198

4 Waz 238

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