Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who's gonna win the Super Mini?

The Super Mini Eliminator will be held tonight at River Rand Bowl...looks like a great turnout and should be very competitive and fun.

Who will it emerge victorious?

Will it be a repeating champion? Will it be Lou V, former 1973 Junior College National Champion? How about Tittie who didn't bowl all summer because he wife had to work? Bill S and Mike K are rumored to be bowling...now they have to be contenders...what about Wazy...don't know which Waz shows up...but if the good Waz does...watch out...Sip has won 4 times...so he is definitely a candidate...Alfred E. Neuman...?? Hard luck Joe C...is it his week? How about the dancing penguin, Jack S...he has the talent...Can Rob Repeat? Reinfart...will he have enough to get the job done? Brian F...couldn't possible bowl any worse than he has...The D'brothers have to be candidates...a lower handicap guy can cream the field with a few breaks...will Henry come back from Wichita State to try his luck?

It is an interesting cast of characters and anyone can win...it will be entertaining...

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