Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday Doubles Ends Tonight - Blog will Continue

Thanks to everyone for their support and interest in this moronic blog...


It has been a great summer league and today it ends...sorry to see it go...lots of laughs, great competition, made lots of new friends, created this blog and now Reinfart will finally leaves town!! Hooray!!! Now we can all win some more money.

Thanks to all of the readers who seemed to really enjoy the blog...also thanks to my out of town readers...I realize that you don't know us personally, but hopefully, you got some laughs from reading the exploits of a bunch of idiots.

Good news...the blog continues...I will be doing this all winter season reporting on the insanity at River Rand Bowl...so stay tuned and come back tomorrow for the final results...

It has been a blast...

Lou V.

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  1. Where the hell did the other picture go? I went blind in my left eye for cripe sake.


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