Thursday, August 23, 2007

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSpanker of the week - Reinfart shoots 298 - Again, Rob opens the last 4 frames to lose

Spanker"s" of the Week

When will the next 300 come? Reinfart, house legend, shot 298 in the first game of the BBT Tuesday night.

The first 11 were buried...not swishers, not mixers, not Grandpa D strikes...but buried up the arse buried.

The tension builds to the 10th...first ball buried, second ball high flush, 12 shot...see below; ouch.

Reinfart misses the head pin for 298 - He spanks...

Spanker 2 - Rob again. Opens the last 4 frames to let Grandpa D beat him in the championship match. He really spanks...

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