Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reinfart Staying - Gets job at Taco Bell with Chalupa

Chalupa welcomes Reinfart to his new job at Taco Bell

In a stunning announcement yesterday, Reinfart said that he is not moving to Gaytona, Florida and is staying in Chicago because Chalupa, assistant day shift manager at Taco Bell, offered Reinfart a job working the drive up window at the new Des Plaines, IL Taco Bell.

Reinfart said "I can't pass up this great will be great resume experience for me...besides, Chalupa is a great guy and he promised that he will promote me to counter man and then bean burrito maker within a month".

In another surprising move, Reinfart announced that he will NOT be getting into pots this year...yeah...and here are some other "truths"...

  • The check is in the mail
  • I won't ___ in your ____
  • Telling the ugliest chick in the bar that she is beautiful (after 8 Heineken's)
  • I left a bunch of solid 10 pins (when they were all half hit ones)
  • We will win the war in Iraq soon
  • And I won't raise taxes...
This is an official River Rand day of mourning...


  1. I will have a Taco Bell Grande, Cheesy bean and rice burrito and a medium Diet go

  2. Would you like fries with that sir?

  3. They don't have fries at Taco Bell..but I will take an order of Jalepeno's on the side...


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