Friday, August 10, 2007

Super Mini-Eliminator Format Almost Set

The Super Mini Eliminator format is almost set.
Here is what we are thinking:

  • $40.00 Entry
  • 3, 4 or 5 game random match game qualifier
  • Cut the field in a logical 1/2. i.e. 11 bowlers will be cut to 6 etc.
  • 3, 4, or 5 game random semi final match games
  • Stepladder finals

Please post your comments if you have some as we want to make this a great, fun tournament...

Lou V.


  1. I think we should have random match games, a cut of 1/2 of the field, more random match games and then stepladder finals.

    Pins should carry over to reward the guys who bowl well and win matches...

  2. I think that format sounds good. I would suggest 5 first round and 5 second round games, and then a stepladder final. I like the idea of random matches too. Before each game we can have everyone randomly draw a lane. That way everyone more than likely bowls someone different each game and also on a different lane. It will also keep each pair basically in sync.

  3. Any bonus pins?? Me and Tom were talking and we had an idea. 4 game qualifier, cut to half the field. Then 2 or 3 random matches with bonus pins moving left or right if u win or lose. After all is said and done, Top 4 or so move on based on qualifing, match play, and bonus pins for a setp ladder.

    This way we have regular games, match play and step ladder all in one.

    I'm fine with either format.

  4. Anytime you have match play as part of the qualifier I think you need bonus pins. I would suggest 20 or 30. There are a couple problems with moving left or right...there is a better chance of someone running into the same person or pair multiple times and anyone on an end pair has to make a long walk. That part is a disadvantage because everyone else can get a general idea of how the lanes are that are next to them just by watching. If you keep everything random that is a little more fair.

  5. can i bring a friend? we would have to figure out a handicap for him though. hes just an ok bowler maybe 190s-200 range.

  6. As defined from Sip, I am far from an "ok" bowler then :)

    Softball championship tonight, the more rain, the more likely an appearance by me will be.

  7. Sip, you can bring a friend as long as he is not a ringer or a bagger...

    If he is your friend, he is welcome.

  8. def not a ringer. hes a kid from traveling that bowls at a diff center. he prolly avg'ed in the 180s in travel but he said he will take what ever pins we decide. i asked him if he would go off of 195-200 and he said thats fine.


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