Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Monkey Spanker of the Week

Monkey Spanker of the Week...

Lots of spanking this week...did people give up? Was it the pressure? Was it the heat? Or do they just are the spanker's for the week

Spankus Maximus...(2 handed spanker)

Reinfart - 173/194/201/169 = 737 that really spanks...with a 226 average...

Regular Spankers

  • Sip 167
  • Matt 143 (after a 257) ??? You spank
  • Wazy 158 (after a 256) ??? You spank
  • Tittie (what a disappointment all summer...) 154
  • KC 126
  • Uncle Fester 133
  • PJ 113


  1. What about Lou getting his monkey not only spanked, but slapped silly
    by Wazy in not only 1 but 2 bracket
    finals. Where is that Vasselli spank award now?????

  2. Pots are optional and thus not eligible for the Monkey Spanker Award. Especially if it involves the blogmaster.

  3. Obviously the pots don't count for the Monkey Spanking award or you would have been mentioned practically all year Lou.

  4. won one mini-eliminator all year...that is one out of 14 averaged 226...who is the monkey spanker now, bitch?


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