Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Monkey SSSSSSSSSsspanker of the Week

Rob (Uncle Fester), Matt, Lou Spank...Andy did in Pot games

Scores blew this was hot and we have to blame something...but the real spankers were as follows:

Rob (Uncle Fester) - You blow...foul again...148 - Spank it!
Matt - You really suck...165/175/193/169 - I am bowling with Joe Oberzut next summer
Lou V - You really, really are done...finished...Lou is Through... I suck 177/167/190/205
Chalupa - 80 pins under average - Too many Margaritas?

Now the Spanker Maximus Award

In the championship match of the mini-eliminator, the match was tied. Both were clean and had 3 baggers...up steps Andy D. in the 7th frame... Throws the shot...high flush, up the arse, perfect strike...for a 4 bagger.....oh wait...a FOUL!!

You really spank...that wins the award for the biggest spanker of the far...

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