Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday League Starts - Chris H man's amazing feat...

Chris H. and his now famous "2-10 leaves"

The Monday league started yesterday...usual first night b.s. One team didn't show, Wazy's team only had 3 guys...you know the same crap...but something happened that must be written about.

Chris H., self professed best bowler in the house, did something that I have never seen before and may never be seen again...

He bowled on the wrong lane and left a 2-10 split...he then said "oh good...I bowled on the wrong lane" which of course meant that he had to re-shoot the shot...he moves over the the left lane and leaves...you guessed it...ANOTHER 2-10!!! The place went nuts...I laughed my ass off and he said he was going to knock my teeth down my throat...what with your purse?

But wait...theres more...

The next game he shoots on the wrong lane again (I think his mind was elsewhere) and leaves a STONE 9 pin. He get's pissed as only he can and knows that he has to re-shoot the shot because he was on the wrong lane. And what do you think he does?

LEAVES ANOTHER SOLID 9 PIN ON THE LEFT LANE...He was so mad...he had smoke shooting out of his ass...it was hysterical...only at River Rand Bowl. Chris, can't wait to see what you leave next week...


  1. Odd that 10 pins reflect off the lane but only two are standing? Need more photoshop training my friend.

  2. awesome catch PJ. Is the blogmaster
    loosing his touch?


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