Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lou Pummles Tittie in Grudge Match

After the Inaugural BBT Lou/Waz and Rob/Mike had a three game doubles looked really bad for Lou/Waz as Lou lost his stroke and Wazy was ok...

But when the chips were down...Lou strikes out to seal the victory in the last game saving us our pride...(still lost the match) but saved the sweep penalty.

But Tittie, who thinks he is the greatest bowler challenged the 1973 Jr. College National Champion to one last match for the night...

Tittie started out well...had Lou up against the ropes...but had an open late and Lou, who Tittie says blows in the clutch...pushed the clutch right up his tie rod and struck in the 9th and the first shot in the 10th to force Tittie to strike out...NOT...Lou Wins...Tittie goes home crying...


  1. The $7.00 that is going to be added up, does that go to the leader in points at the end? or is that just added into the prize fund at the end of the year?

  2. We are going to set up a playoff system...that will be fair to everyone...details to follow:


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