Monday, August 20, 2007

Introducing the Blog Bowling Tour

Introducing the blog bowling tour

Today we are announcing the start of the blog bowling tour. Each Wednesday beginning August 22nd Wednesday River Rand Bowlers and invited guests will be bowling in this fun and competitive tournament.

We will have a 2 game qualifier, cut the field to 4 and then have 1 versus 4, 2 versus 3 in a single match game eliminator and then the championship match pitting the 2 winners together.

We compile a points list with the winning bowler winning the Newly Designed
LouDoo Cup. A prize that will truly be coveted by anyone who has ever bowled.

The point list will be as follows:

1 - 10 Points
2 - 7 Points
3 - 5 Points
4 - 3 Points
No Cut - 1 Point

We will have double points for the "majors" that we will have during the season. Dates to be announced.

The point list will be published weekly.

Good luck to everyone and remember...the LouDoo Cup awaits the ultimate Champion.


  1. the majors should have that nights series act as the seeding process, followed by 2 or 3 games of match play with bonus pins( total pins, not match play record counts) and then the almighty stepladder

  2. Oh..that is a good idea...anyone else have a thought?


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