Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"Sip" Sips the Champagne - Winning his 4th title!

Sip beats buddy and Teammate Andy D for his 4th title

This week's mini-eliminator was very interesting...lots of stuff happened.

First of all, game one of qualifying brought a barrage of strikes...I thought I was in the Twilight Zone and was bowling in a national PBA Tour stop. 258, 254, 252, 237, 232, 223 Lou V. 175 ouch. During the second game, the scores were down a bit but look at how close it was.

Andy D qualifies by 1 pin, striking out in the 10th, Joe C misses the cut by one pin because he threw a 5 pin count on his 10th frame fill, Reinfart misses by 2 pins...and Wazy misses by 12 pins as he opened in the see...I don't have any stress about missing by 1 or 2 pins and I didn't open in the 10th to miss the cut...I missed the cut by 52 pins...but missing by 1 or 52 is all the missed...

In Match 1, Chalupa must of had indigestion from too many Tacos as he shot a monster 159...(you spank) to Andy D's (in his first mini-eliminator) 218. Boring, Boring, Boring

In Match 2 - PJ bowled like he was wearing his pajamas (pj's - get it?) losing 240 to 180 to Andy D. Not very watching a pinto bean tree grow...

But in the Championship this was more like it..

Sip and Andy traded strikes and spares with both having a 3 bagger into the 7th frame. Tied to the stick, Andy gets up and throws a high flush, up the butt, smoker...10 in the pit, 60 feet to success...strikes...and FOULS...(YOU SPANK) and leaves a solid 9 on the fill shot...needless to say, Sip, being the cool and calm customer that he is...pounds the hole the next few and it is O V E R - Win # 4 for the Sipmeister...

Can Chalupa tie Sip for the most wins of the summer next week? We shall see...

Name HDQ Game 1 Game 2 HDC Series
Sip 3 258 248 512
PJ 52 183 199 486
Chalupa 3 223 249 478
Andy D 4 254 203 465
Did Not Qualify

Joe C 6 232 220 464
Reinfart 0 249 213 462
Scott 11 237 195 454
Lou 22 175 194 413
Did Not Qualify

Step Ladder Finals

Match 1

Chalupa 159

Andy D 218

Match 2

PJ 180

Andy D 240

Championship Match

Sip 241

Andy D 189

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