Thursday, August 30, 2007

Denny P (Mr Ed) blasts 286

Mr. Ed going for 300

Proving that you can still get a winner out of a broken down racehorse...Mr. Ed, (Denny P) showed he still has a stretch run or two left in him by smoking a 286 in the last game Wednesday.

After burying the 9th shot up the arse...a bunch of people gathered behind 11 and 12 to watch the impending miracle on River Road.

First shot...Brooklyn....STRIKE....second shot....oooops...286.

Great shooting Denny...


  1. If I am close to a 300, stay the hell away with the camera. Look what you did to Denny, look further down the page and look what you did to Kevin. You are a jinx.

  2. Waz, great point. I was going to use that as an excuse, but thought I'd get some hell for it. :-)


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