Monday, August 6, 2007

Can Chaupa pull off the upset?

Does Chalupa have a magic Jalapeno up his sleeve?

It has been 13 weeks of one of the closest leagues in modern history...(that sounds a bit dramatic) but it really has.

Now it is down to the final night...Bill S and Mike K have a 5 point lead over the Kens' and a 6 point lead over Chalupa and John K.

The obvious money has to be on Bill and Mike...since Mike has shot the lights out in the last several weeks...and with Bill's mothers health issues behind them.

But the Kens' have been very resilient...having hung in there week after week. Not the wild card here is the Team of Chalupa and Johnny K. Does the giant Pinto Bean have some magic hot pepper that he will consume before bowling that gives him the extra "spice" to get it done?

You know Chalupa is capable of some big scores...sometimes.

Finally, Grandpa D and Wazy and Andy D and Oscar Meyer are not mathematically eliminated yet. With 58 points they are 8 out...but with our format...anything is possible...I think...

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