Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Business and Industry League Starts Tonight

It all begins Tonight

It has been a great summer but it is time to start and have some real fun.

The insanity on Wednesday begins tonight...will last years failures (in the playoffs) Waz and Friends be able to repeat their Championship run without their inspirational mentor Jason?

Will Rob (Uncle Fester) blow like he did in the summer?

Will Lou's new team of mis-fits be finally win it? Can Denny P's knees hold him up for one more season? Can the "other" Jewish team, (Goldstein, Goldstein, Goldstein and Peterson) get the old Matso ball down the lanes in style?

Can the Cohn's win without cigars? Will Bed Bath and Beyond be able to "flush" out enough wins? Can Reinfart continue his dominance and power "Power to Spare" to another victory?

Are the Pahlkes finally ready?

The league has grown and the Pots should be even larger...this is gonna be fun!!!

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