Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bill and Mike Blast to Victory - Win their last 12 games in a row

Bill and Mike with winners check

This was the closest league in recent memory all season. But like always the cream usually rises to the top. The powerhouse team of Bill and Mike won their last 12 games in a row...(wow) to win the league and the LouDoo Trophy by 10 points...

In what was super close all summer, Bill and Mike spanked the rest of the field with that impressive finish. Also, as you can see, there was a 3 way tie for second and a 2 way tie for 3rd. This was a blast...

Congrats to Bill and guys earned it...Here are the final standings.

Rank Bowlers Total

1 Bill S and Mike K 74
2 Ken M and Ken A 64
2 John K and Chalupa 64
2 Sip and KY Jelly 64
3 Andy De and Jeff Oscar Meyer 62
3 Matt and Lou 62
4 Gene and Jeff Matzaball 60
5 Wazy and Grandpa Dennis 58
5 Glenn P and Wally P 58
6 Alfred E Neuman and Reinfardt 56
6 Russell De and GingerAle 56
7 PJ and Uncle Fester 52
8 Ann W and Mark K 48
9 Craig K and Chris Matzaball 47
10 Tittie and KC 46
11 Angela P and Hugh S 44
12 Ryan U and Steve B 42

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