Thursday, August 23, 2007

BBT Inaugural event is history - Grandpa D goes from worst to first - "Robs" Rob for the Victory!

Grandpa D beats Rob by 1 pin for the BBT Inaugural Championship.

Wow...what a start to the Invitational Blog Bowling Tour (BBT). Qualifying this week was a three game handicap qualifying format with the top 4 advancing to a single elimination match games where qualifier 1 shot against qualifier 4 and 2 bowled against number 3.

Qualifying was interesting as Reinfart blasted out of the gate with a 298 SCRATCH!!! and led the field after one game with Wazy second, Lou 3, Kasten and Tittie 4, Rob 6th and Grandpa D in the rear in 7th.

The second game kept Reinfart in first, Lou 2, Wazy 3, Kasten 4, Rob moved up to 5th, Tittie down to 6th and Grandpa D the cellar dweller.

Game three is where things really changed...Lou BLASTED a 270 and moved into first, Reinfart coasted into 2nd, Rob shot 250 for third and Grandpa D shot 260 to pass up Kasten (spanked his monkey), Tittie (who said he shot great...but...and tough luck Wazy.

Match Games

Lou Versus Grandpa D - Reinfart Versus Rob

Top seeded Lou had Grandpa D on the ropes from the start after he doubled and Grandpa D opened...then the old fart, did not give up, found life mid game stringing a 4 bagger to squeak by Lou 218/213, even though he opened in the 10th. Lou needed strikes in the 9th and 10th to close out the old coot...but it was not to be.

2nd seeded Reinfart must have blown his load in the first he could only muster 214 against Rob, who shot 233 to qualify for the Championship match versus Gramps.

Championship Match

Very entertaining match. Rob Versus the ancient one...Grandpa starts out with an open while Rob doubles. Grandpa D then goes Strike spare strike spare double and Rob spare, spare double...looks really bad the the old coot...Rob splits in the 7th GD faint hope...but Dennis opens in the 8th...match over? Not...Rob opens in the 8th, split open in the 9th and split open in the 10th...nice out...

Grandpa D 9 spares in the 10th and needs count and a mark and count to win...however...he yanks the piss out of the ball leaving a 6-10 and spares...then needs 8 to win...another yank...the ball heads toward the head pin...boing....4-6-10...the 10 falls leaving the 4-6 and a one pin winner...

Great start to the BBT and congratulations to Grandpa D...remember...just because there is snow on the roof...doesn't mean there is isn't fire in the furnace.

Seriously, Great shooting shot great and came back from the dead in each match...great going.

Here are the scores:

Rank Name

1 2 Sub T
3 Hdc Series

1 Lou

225 255 480
270 750
2 Reinfart

298 226 524
214 738
3 Rob

216 229 445
250 695
4 Grandpa D

201 232 433
260 693

Did Not Qualify

5 Tittie

223 221 444
236 680
6 Wazy

233 222 455
224 679
7 Mike K

223 226 449
193 642

Seed 1 Versus 4

1 Lou


4 Dennis


2 Versus 3

2 Reinfart


3 Rob


Losers Match

1 Lou


2 Reinfart



3 Rob


4 Dennis


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