Thursday, July 5, 2007

With the help of 2 ringers...Chalupa and John K take over first place

With Chalupa still nursing a monkey spanking injury and John K wasting money to go and see the White Sux, Nick K and Joe C. were first time subs and powered Chalupa/John K into first place.

Nick shot 212, 244, 202, 215/873 and Joe shot 245, 236, 193, 247/921 (I thought Joe sucked but he threw the ball better than Tommy Jones), what is going on here? Next week I am calling Pete Weber and Walter Ray Williams to sub for Matt and I.

Where was Dan J.? Massaging Chalupa's thumb?

Anyway, here are the new standings...

Team Last Bowlers Total
Rank Week
1 2 John K and Chalupa 44
2 1 Matt and Lou 42
3 4 Bill S and Mike K 42
4 5 Alfred E Neuman and Reinfardt 42
5 7 Ann W and Mark K 42
6 3 Ken M and Ken A 39
7 6 Gene and Jeff Matzaball 38
8 9 Wazy and Grandpa Dennis 38
9 8 Craig K and Chris Matzaball 37
10 11 Sip and KY Jelly 36
11 13 Andy De and Jeff Oscar Meyer 36
12 10 PJ and Uncle Fester 34
13 12 Russell De and GingerAle 34
14 16 Ryan U and Steve B 32
15 14 Glenn P and Wally P 30
16 17 Angela P and Hugh S 28
17 15 Tittie and KC 26

There were a few changes in the standings...but it is still super close. A 4 way tie for second only 1 game out...WOW...13th place only 10 out! Next weeks matchings will be very interesting...

Poor Tittie and does it feel to be looking up at 16 teams....The good news, you are only 18 points out of first...the bad news, this isn't a 33 week league...good luck...

I will post the matchups after Bill S. is finished with the standings sheet.

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