Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wazy Wins - Denies Chalupa's 4 peat

It has been a while, but his is back...

It has been a while and Wazy was wondering if he was finished...but Tuesday's victory will give him the confidence to continue.

Leading qualifying by 10 pins, Wazy earned a bye into the championship round and then soundly beat Reinfart 220-174 who had nothing left after his epic battle with Lou V., to claim the weekly championship, his second of the summer.

In the first match, Reinfart and Lou V's match came down to the 10th frame. Reinfart could have closed out Lou V with a double, shooting in the 270's but after getting the first strike, he left a weird 6 pin count split, leaving the door open for Lou V who stepped up on the tenth and threw a great first shot, blasting shrapnel everywhere and then needing the second strike to advance, suffered a devastating disappointment by leaving a 10 pin. The final score was 261-255...ouch!

The second match sucked. Chalupa obviously did not have enough Pinto Beans for dinner and shot like a over-steamed tortilla...very whimpy and thus losing his chance for a 4 peat. The only thing he is going to "peat" this week is his monkey.

Reinfart, just had to keep the ball on the lane winning 210-160, setting up the championship match with Wazy.

Here are the scores:

Name HDQ Game 1 Game 2 HDC Series
Scott 11 213 257 492
Chalupa 3 235 241 482
Reinfart 0 268 203 471
Lou 23 234 166 446
Did Not Qualify

Sip 3 209 225 440
PJ 52 150 145 399
Brian 5 191 195 396
Jack 2 190 170 364

Step Ladder Finals

Match 1

Lou 255

Reinfart 261

Match 2

Chalupa 160

Reinfart 210

Championship Match

Wazy 220

Reinfart 174

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