Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSspanker of the week!!!

Spankus Maximus Award

Some weeks the award is close...where a few guys really blow...but this week...we have a clear winner.

Uncle Fester, who should be averaging over a deuce, shot 119/171/164/ can you shoot a 454 series and then finish with a 232? He blows...all we can say is "spank it baby"!!!

Regular spanker award goes to...Chalupa, who had the 3rd highest average in the league shot a whopping 153 the last game for a "Boeing" 747 spank.

And special mention goes to Lou V. who in the Mini-Eliminator shot an interesting game...notice the multiple 7 pin counts (7 of them) and the final score in the first game of qualifying. In case you a wondering...he didn't qualify for the finals...

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