Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some of us also play with other balls...

On Saturday, I had the pleasure to go to Homewood, IL to watch Mike Tittie, PJ and non bowler Jim N play in a Wiffle ball tournament.

Now I realize that that sounds pretty retarded, but when I got there, their were maybe a hundred "men" ages 16-50 of all sizes, weights and economic class playing "wiffle ball".

Wiffle is a brand name and they only use official "Wiffle Brand" balls and bats. The ball the same size as a baseball and is solid on one side and has "wiffle holes" on the other side. The bat is a skinny piece of plastic that is about the circumference of a large, very large, Italian Sausage and about three feet long.

There are three on a team, a pitcher and 2 fielders. They pitch against a black board that stands up behind the hitter. The batter starts with 1 strike and then regular baseball rules prevail.

The pitcher throws as hard or soft as he can, trying to make the "wiffle" ball do tricks if they can and the batter has to either walk, strike out (which happens often) or hit the ball various distances on the field. Hitting past the first mark on the field is a single, second a double, off the fence is a triple and over the fence is a home run. You have to give it a ride to hit a homer and if the wind is blowing in...forget it...of course if the ball is caught it is an out or if the pitcher fields the ball before it stops or crosses the "single" line it is also an out.

It was very entertaining to see in person and after watching Tittie throw a wiffle ball about 100 miles per hour...I have now idea how he will be able to bowl tonight. Tittie hit several home runs as did PJ, who showed surprising power for a little guy...but Italians have the power...

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