Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sip spends his winnings - Buys a LouDoo

Winning has its' privileges and Sip showed that by quickly spending his winnings from the Mini-Eliminator Tuesday by buying a LouDoo.

In this photo, Sip is shown calling he girlfriend and telling her she is for a big, treat when he sees her later.

I must admit...the LouDoo is perfect for Sip...lookin' good...


  1. Looking good SIP.... a lil on the gray side but well overall.... the Lou Doo is spreading like a virus... soon Bin Laden will wan the Lou Doo..... i think i just heard news that Paris Hilton ordered herself a Lou Doo.... woohooooo

  2. way to go sip ..... hey lou why aren't the ringers on you web poll

  3. Nick, you have to be a regular...if you were a regular, you would be on the poll...


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