Thursday, July 5, 2007

Grandpa D falls just short - Sip wins Mini-Eliminator again!!

In an epic final match of age versus youth, 65 versus 20, ooops… 58 versus 20…Sip edged out Grandpa D. 260 to 244 with handicap to win the mini-eliminator Tuesday.

Grandpa D, shot great…with a five bagger in the middle of the match, but he missed a 3 pin in the 9th and a 2/4/5 in the 10th. Sip, who is quickly becoming Mr. Kool…struck out in the 10th to send Grandpa D to the showers. A great match indeed.

Here were the rest of the scores:

Match 1

Tittie 191 Reinfart 290
Grandpa D 244 A.E. Neuman 181
Brandon 255 Lou 213
PJ 199 199 Sip 270

Losers Bracket

Tittie 220 Lou 187
A.E. Neuman 225 PJ 234

Winners Bracket

Grandpa D 250 Reinfart 171
Brandon 227 (5) Sip 227 (10)

2nd Losers Bracket

Reinfart 157 Tittie 240
PJ 197 Brandon 170

3rd Winners Bracket

Sip 226 Grandpa D 206

3rd Losers Bracket

Tittie 180 Pj 216

Semi Finals

PJ 194 Grandpa D 233

It was a fun night...happy to see Grandpa D still has it!! Great bowling Sip...!!

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