Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chalupa runs the field, qualifies 4th then wins his 3rd Mini-Eliminator in a row!!

After being out of action with the infamous monkey spanking injury, Chalupa has won this 3rd consecutive Mini Eliminator.

Qualifying in 4th place, Chalupa, who had dinner at Chipolte and NOT Taco Bell today, Beat Brandon (Kool Aid) 201/187, Lou V (who pulled a Grandpa D and threw a 4 pin count and seven all day on a Double and then missed 2 spares) 220/182 and then Reinfart in a close final, 211/195.

Reinfart was getting spanked the entire match, until Chalupa pulled his normal routine of leaving un-makeable splits in the late frames. Reinfart needed a double in the tenth to put the pressure on Chalupa. He blasted the hole the first shot and then blew the rack and left a SOLID 7...Chalupa needed a mark in the 10th to win and cooly got up and pounded out a three bagger to seal the win.

Afterwards, he took his woman, Daniella (she doesn't smella) to White Castle to celebrate his 3rd victory...(hopefully he had the windows off the jeep while driving home after eating those sliders as they create strange odors emanating from humans after consumption)...


1. Reinfart
2. Lou V
3. Kool Aid
4. Chalupa

5. Wazy
6. Nick K

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