Monday, July 16, 2007

How many "Den" Pins will Grandpa D leave this week?

The discussion around the water cooler this week, (in my case the kitchen sink), was how many 10 pins will "Den" pin leave this week?

No matter if he leaves a soft 10, half 10, swish 10, ringing ten, up the ass 10, a can opener 10, or any other kind of 10 pin you can think of...he always says:

"Can you believe I left that 10 pin"?

Yeah, I do...when you throw the ball with 10 are going to leave lots of 10 pins...

We all luv ya Den Pin, maybe you have to start lifting weights or do finger exercises, (maybe some Monkey Spanking) so that you can put more power on the ball...!!


  1. Once again laughed my ass off.Luv the Blog

  2. Lou,

    Grampa D is 2 points higher then you LOu with one leg. if I was able to bend my other knee I would not leave that many 10 pins.

    Grampa D

  3. Yeah and the reason that you are 2 pins higher is because I have to bowl with a very large package in a very strategic spot and makes it very difficult for me to bend also...!!! Your problem hopefully is fixable, mine is permanent!!!


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