Saturday, July 7, 2007

The league is getting hotter than the temperature!!!

With 5 weeks to go...who will win the coveted LouDoo Trophy?

It is amazing how close the Tuesday Doubles remains. With 5 weeks of action to go, it is any body's to win. (Expect for Tittie and KC).

Made from solid gold, the trophy is the true testament of bowling skill and perseverance.

Faced with weekly position rounds, great new Challengers from the Young Guns, the wiley veterans of Wazy and Grandpa D, the continuous clinics that are put on by Matt and Lou, the pocket pounding power of Reinfart and Alfred E. Neuman, the Pinto Bean fueled team of Chalupa and JK, the team that won't go away of Mark and Ann, the skilled father and son team of Ken M and Ken A, the sleeper team of Gene the bowling machine and J Matzaball, the unpredictability of Craig and Chris Matzaball and the raw power of Sip and Ky and Andy and Jeff Meyer...and let's not forget that PJ and Rob, Russ and Brian and Ryan and Steve are not out of it yet...

Tuesday will be another great night of action...stay tuned...

Here are the matchups for Tuesdays first round...

Team Last Bowlers Total
Rank Week

1 2 John K and Chalupa 44
2 5 Alfred E Neuman and Reinfardt 42

3 4 Bill S and Mike K 42
4 1 Matt and Lou 42

5 7 Ann W and Mark K 42
6 3 Ken M and Ken A 39

7 6 Gene and Jeff Matzaball 38
8 9 Wazy and Grandpa Dennis 38

9 8 Craig K and Chris Matzaball 37
10 11 Sip and KY Jelly 36

11 13 Andy De and Jeff Oscar Meyer 36
12 10 PJ and Uncle Fester 34

13 12 Russell De and GingerAle 34
14 16 Ryan U and Steve B 32

15 14 Glenn P and Wally P 30
16 17 Angela P and Hugh S 28

17 15 Tittie and KC 26
18 1 Invisible Team 0

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