Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What's up with Wazy? See his profile...






Oakton CC, 2 years, NIU 1 year

High School

Maine West


Owner/Manager Oscar Wastyn Cycles, the oldest family owned and operated bicycle store in the country. We turn 100 in 2010

Marital Status

Married 10 years, 2 awesome kids


Des Plaines, IL

Hobbies and interests

Bowling, Golf, Hockey, 16” softball and surfing. Yes I can surf. Biggest wave was a 12 footer in Hilton Head Island during the NJCAA golf championships. Not looking for anything bigger, almost shit myself on that one.

Bowling Accomplishments

High Score, 289, High series 735. 11 in a row, twice…oops those are Lou's Stats, I pee'd on your 11 in a row with 22 in a row, on the way to a 770 series. 4 non and 1 sanctioned 300’s. Cashed for $1000.00 in 2005 Hoinke classic. 52nd out of 55,000 bowlers.

What people don’t know about me

I really like it when Lou pulls up on his under britches. Git-r-done. Am willing to cheat on my wife with Kim Adler. At least I kept it in the bowling family. Check her out at

What I want people to know

The above statement about Lou is true. It is really tough to get on my bad side.

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