Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sip Wins again.

Comes back from the grave to win...

In a new format, we had 7 bowlers shoot a 2 game qualifier with handicap and the top 4 advanced.

Here are the scores:

2 Game Qualifier with Handicap

Place Bowler Game 1 Game 2 Totals
1 Chalupa 285 249 534
2 Henry 208 219 427
3 Reinfart 210 203 413
4 Sip 187 216 403
Missed Cut Lou 227 167 394
Missed Cut Alfred E. 222 170 392
Missed Cut Kyle 159 159 318

In the semi finals match 1 had Chalupa versus Sip. Chalupa, who led qualifying by a 107 pins, got his monkey spanked real good by Sip who left a split in the first and then strung 10 in a row for an easy 262 - 191 blowout.

In semi-final match 2, it was a great match with Reinfart and Henry in a slugfest with
Reinfart closing Henry out in the 10th with a double and won 243 - 228.

In the finals...Sip, obliterated score necessary. Congrats to Sip, he is making a part time job out of this...

The spank your monkey award goes to Lou and Alfred E. Neuman. Who shot 167 and 170 WITH HANDICAP to move from 2nd and 3rd respectively to out of the finals.

Congrats to Sip and Reinfart...

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  1. Lou - your pix to the right.. ya got that munchkin-look go'n.



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