Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lou's Commentary for the week of 6/5/07

Interesting night Tuesday.

Lou and Matt
shot against Dennis and Waz and split 1 game each. Dennis left back to back "solid 8-10's" on the same lane...How do you leave solid 8-10's? Twice in a row!!!

Tittie who shot 875 with a 259, got continuous instructions from his PBA touring pro partner, KC (who shot 646, for 4 games)!!

Degenerate gambler Tittie bet Lou 3 times and and won 2 of three.

Watch out for Bill S and Mike K...they shot the lights out on Tuesday and Mike K shot 967!!! They have won this league several times and are a force to be reckoned with...

Ann and Mark, who came in second last year, continue to quietly lead the league.

John C and Chalupa, did not have a good night and the mis-fit team of Craig and Chris M Ball, are now tied for 2nd. Can you believe that?

The teams of Alfred E. Neuman and Reinfart, continue to struggle, winning 2 points, KC and Tittie won only 2, Rob and PJ won 4 points and the rest all bunched up.

11 teams are within 6 points of first...Excellent league so far...

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