Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kool Aid wins stepladder finals

Brandon, AKA Kool Aid, survived the qualifier and kept his cool to win the Mini-Eliminator Tuesday night.

Scores were very low in qualifying and during the stepladder finals, except for Sip who shot another 279 in qualifying.

As in all pot games, luck is a factor. Kool Aid made all of the shots he needed but in game one Lou could never get a double. In the second game, Alfred E. Neuman, needed a mark in the tenth to win the second game but left a solid Wazy, (a blowout 7-10) to lose the match.

In the finals, Kool Aid, shot well enough to get the championship as Sip lost all of his carry. He pounded the hole throughout the game, but had to settle for second.

Here are the scores:

Place Bowler
Scores with Handicap

1 2 Series
1 Sip 229 294 523
2 Alfred E. Neuman 238 202 440
3 Lou 227 204 431
4 Kool Aid 209 195 404

DNQ Reinfart 200 171 371

Stepladder Finals

Game 1. Kool Aid 211 - Lou 200
Game 2. Kool Aid 200 - Alfred E. Neuman 193

Championship match

Kool Aid 226 - Sip 205

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