Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chalupa wins back to back - Made a run for the border

Chalupa won he second mini-eliminator championship Tuesday in a close match against newcomer Jack S, 246 to 234.

Here are the qualifiers:

Rank Bowler Game 1 Game 2 Series
1 Reinfart 264 247 511
2 Jack 220 251 471
3 Lou 211 235 446
4 Chalupa 199 234 433

Did Not Qualify

5 Waz 190 195 385
6 Dee 212 160 372

Tittie and his boys did not bowl again and the Northern Illinois boys were headed off to Las Vegas for a collegiate tournament so we had some new faces shooting.

Team USA aspirant Dee, traveled 30 miles to shoot 212/160 with Hdq...ouch and Wazy appears to be injured as he posted not much.

Chalupa, was 4th in qualifying and faced Reinfart for the second consecutive week. It was not an epic match as Chalupa spanked Reinfart 230 to 203.

Lou qualified for the first time and got his monkey spanked real good by newcomer Jack S. who shot 248 scratch. Lou pounded the hole continuously but left 4 10 pins.

The finals saw Chalupa winning after Jack blew the rack and left a solid 7 pin. He needed a strike and count to win.

Chalupa consoled Dee, his woman, by taking her to Taco Bell for a few Chalupa's and bean burritos after the match.

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