Monday, June 18, 2007

The action continues Tuesday

Great league this summer!!

I have to say, the summer doubles league is shaping up to be a really fun league.

With the return of Sip, KY, Steve B and others and the addition of more of the Northern Illinois Boys, we have a great group of bowlers.

The league is super tight...

As of 6/13/07
Place Team # Bowlers Points
1 15 Bill and Mike K 32
2 3 Dan J and Chalupa and John K 28
3 4 Matt and Lou 28
4 17 Ann and Mark 28
5 18 Gene B Jeff M Ball 28
6 5 Ken A and Ken H 26
7 9 Craig and Chris M Ball 26
8 10 Alfred E. Neuman and Reinfart 26
10 8 Angela P and Hugh 24
11 12 Sip and KY 24
12 7 PJ and Rob 22
13 13 Scott and Dennis 22
14 14 Jeff M and Andy D 22
15 16 Russell D and Mike M 22
16 6 Ryan U and Steve B 20
17 11 Glenn and Wally 18
18 2 KC and Mike R 16

With Bill and Mike, (a great team) in first followed by a 4 way tie for second, a 3 way tie for 3rd, and the top 15 teams just 10 points out of first...this is shaping up to be a epic dash for the cash.

Scores have been pretty high for the crankers with Henry's 300!! and Reinfarts 299 and 298, (can he get it done next time)? Sip's 279 and Chalupa finally shooting up to his potential with a monster 1026 last week.

As some of the new teams settle in and start to shoot better, it will be interesting to see what develops on Tuesday...Stay tuned...

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