Thursday, May 3, 2007

Reinfart Moving to GayTona, Florida - Buys a Double Wide

In his final act, Mr. Secretary, Reinfart announced that he will not be back and is moving to Florida.

He is buying a double wide trailer, knocking out a few front teeth and packing up the Pontiac to move to GayTona, Florida.

He has lined up a job at Disney World as a porter, cleaning up cigarette butts and discarded candy wrappers. He is scheduled to be working 12 hours a day in 95 plus degree heat.

After he shrivels down to 90 pounds, he will have to quit, get a second mortgage on the double wide for spending money, sell the Pontiac, buy a used Ford pick-up and get food stamps like the rest of the "locals".

He will be missed, but we won't miss him winning all of the pots!!!


  1. Thanks for the love Lou. Let me's your job working out Lou? I can put a recommendation in for you at Disney. LOL!!!

  2. Very funny...remember, you can use a power washer to clean the double wide. Just don't spray too hard...


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