Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sip wins mini tournament - 5.22.07 - Beats Chalupa

Sip, once again kept his cool and plowed through the field capturing his first mini-tournament title of the summer season, beating Chalupa, in a close match.

The night began with Lou vs. Reinfart, with Kevin winning with a 269, Chalupa shot against Waz, who bowled like he was sleeping and had a very easy win and Sip shot against Alfred E. Neuman, who bowled really bad...

In the losers match, Lou won out over A.E.N and Waz, who continued to sleep through the match.

In the winners bracket, Chalupa Pinto-Beanivedes and Sip beat Reinfart, who blew to make the finals.

The final match was a good one with Chalupa starting strong, but left a monster 7-10, (should have carried) but got a huge break when Sip also left the 7-10 on the same lane...(should not have carried).

They then had a strike match until the 10th when Sip, spanked Chalupa's monkey when he failed to strike out.

Nice try for his first pot game with us.


  1. nice post Lou... keep up the great job with your blog...(dont worry ur camera is safe) lol

  2. Why thanks...did you like your new "look"?

  3. laughed my ass off, lot's of class
    by cesar taking it soo good.

  4. new look is awsome i am honered to be on this blog


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