Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Monday Night Men League Ends - Wazy and Lou cash in doubles - (not together)

The year is over for Lou and the Leisure suits on Monday. We blew...great team on paper, bowled with great guys...but we didn't do anything...got back $197 a piece from the "kitty" and $332.20 for each guy...so that wasn't too bad.

All the pots were double Monday and the doubles pot was for all three games instead of just the 2nd game. I got in handicap king of the hill and the mystery pots...did not get into instant clean and saved myself $10.00. Had 9 doubles partners as I got in with my team ($24), Tom Gimena, Jim Staffold, Holman, aka douche bag, Wazy and Reinfart.

Bowled like crap the first and second game, 179, 174...no shot to the hole at all...then the last game I moved and had a strike, 10 pin, 3 bagger, bucket/spare, 1248 - miss, double and could have struck out in the 10th for 231. Ken Geuder shot 271 with handicap so if I shot 231 with 28 pins, we had a decent doubles score.

Buried the 1st on in the tenth, and then psycho Lou took over...and left a 3-6/spare. Lost doubles by 4 pins...came in second for $252 total (125.50 each), (first paid $708, ouch) , so it wasn't too bad. For not having any shot what so ever and winning $125.50...not bad.

Wazy and Marty Robinson (believe or not) both shot 234 the first game and 528 with handicap to win doubles the first game. Man is that Marty laid back...I came up to congratulate him and you almost had to wake him up...here is a guy who has NEVER won doubles and he acts like his best friend died...they won $714.00. Nice going Wazzy...


  1. Lou, you didn't mention anything about the pot games afterwards on Monday. You and Waz should have stuck around to see the comeback we made. Taking $50 from Perry Demos was more rewarding than taking it from you.

  2. Lou, It is spelled WAZY. Not 2 Z's

  3. NO WAY...details please...


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