Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Lineups!!!

The Summer Doubles 2007 has begun
and here are the players...

Lou and Matt - Back for their 4th year together, Won 6 points, Lou shot 801, Matt lucky by not having to beat any big scores. Handicap rating to win - even money.

Tittie and KC (and the sunshine band) - If you think Jason was a about KC. The chances of Tittie and KC coming in anything better than 12th would be a miracle...Tittie shot 757 for 4 games, which is a little short of 220 average....!!!!!

They are off to an ok start winning 4 points. But they lost to the blind 2 games...Handicap rating to win...2,000,000 - 1.

Rob and PJ - Rob started off pretty well for him, shooting 831 and PJ shot close to average with an 681. They won six points and could be a sleeper team. Rob can shoot some good games and PJ is level headed, so I predict that they will have a handicap rating of 4-1 to win.

Reinfart and Tommy Smith - Kevin and Tommy have combined to make a formidable team. They can both shoot great numbers and we just have to hope that they get a negative they deserve...handicap to win - 2-1.

Defending Champions - Dennis and Scott...started strong with Dennis shooting 867 and Wazy 863, but they will have their hands full this year. The league is much, much stronger and the "nose cruncher" will have to bang the nose frequently for them to repeat. Wazy is the dark horse here. You don't know what Waz will show up...depends on how hard the day was at the ole bike shop...pumping up those tires is truly exhausting, you know...especially when you use your lips...everyone will be gunning for them so the odds to repeat, 10-1.


  1. Are you sure on the Tommy Smith
    picture ? Looks alot like a former
    Waz n Friends 6-footer.

  2. 10-1 odds on the defending champs? That's being tough on them. The champs should always be preseason favorites unless something changes.

  3. Yeah something has are bowling with Tommy Smith...

    And the Northern Illinois boys are a good bowlers...

    When are you moving?

  4. I am moving a week or two after the doubles league. Why you ask?

  5. I want to make sure that when I go to Disney World, you will be there so that I can come and say hello...


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