Wednesday, May 23, 2007

League tighten up - Standings 5.22.07

After 5.22.07, the Tuesday doubles league tightened up significantly, with no team running away.

Here are the top teams:
Team Points
Matt and Lou 18
Jentel and Ceasar 18
Ann and Mark 18
Sip and KY 16
Ken A and Ken Hulbert 14
Gene Bandola and Jeff Matza 14
Scott and Dennis 12
Bill and Mike Kasten 12
PJ and Rob 10
Craig and Chris Matza 10
KC and Mike Ritti 10
Jeff Meyer and Andy DeCalvine 10
Angela Peace and Hugh 10
Ryan Unzicher and Steve B 10
Glenn and Wally 8
Tom Smith and Reinhart 8
Russell DeCalvine and Mike Marchak 4

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