Thursday, May 24, 2007

Introducing Lou V.


Lou V.




Graduated from the University of Maryland, Degree in Journalism

High School

St. Rita, Chicago, IL


Computer salesman for 25 years, Vice President of Sales for a Scrapbook manufacturer 2002 – 2005, currently a man of leisure

Marital Status

Married 22 Years


Park Ridge, IL

Hobbies and interests

Bowling, Photography, Video Editing, Wood Working, Traveling, Built my own high end PC, interested in technology products

Bowling Accomplishments

Bowling since I was 12…but took 10 years off from the early 90’s until 2000 for work purposes. Best year average wise, 210 at Brunswick Niles 2003/2004.

Junior College National Doubles and Team Champion, 1973.

High Score, 289, High Series 735. 11 in a row, twice.

What people don’t know about me

I am not as stupid as I act.

What I want people to know

I am a pretty good friend to people

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