Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Alfred E. Neuman Wins Mini Eliminator!!

With 8 bowlers competing for the honor of the mini-eliminator weekly champion, Alfred E. Neuman swept through the field for championship.

There were several upsets Tuesday. Last weeks champion, Sip, lost his first 2 matches and was relegated to spanking his monkey. Lou, renowned pot game bowler got creamed the first game by PJ and then lost in a heart breaker to Waz, who almost left his signature pocket 7-10 in the 10th frame....but he didn't and Lou joined Sip on the loser's couch.

Chalupa, last weeks runner-runner up was relegated to the losers bracket in a classic match with Reinfart, won one match and then was sent packing.

Reinfart, after beating Chalupa in a classic, was spanked by PJ...(how do you like that) and then was dispatched by Waz to join the losers on the losers couch.

Waz, after losing the first match, was like Lazarus, and kept coming back from the dead...but finally ran out of gas, after almost losing to Lou and went down to Tittie.

Tittie, made it to the stepladder finals, and was easily dispatched by PJ...(how was that Tittie)?

PJ, the major surprise of the night, really bowled well making it the finals. He had to beat Alfred E. Neuman twice for victory...and AEN, who bowled great all night, spanked his monkey, real, real good and PJ took home 2nd place $$.

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